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Jellied Eels

Although thought of as a London and South East delicacy, Barney’s world famous Jellied Eels are eaten by people all over Britain and beyond. Our top quality bowls of ‘jellies’ are made from sustainable sources including the very finest Irish eels. Taste is everything, once you have tasted Barney’s eels, made from our secret family recipe, you will keep coming back for more.

Fresh Fish

Barney's can supply you with a wonderful range of fresh whole fish and fillets. Prices and sizes vary and are based on what is available and what is good each day. We pride ourselves on supplying high quality fish at fair prices. Click on the link to see what fresh fish we have today. If you do not see what you want tell us and we will get what you want.

Shellfish, Crabs & Lobsters

Barneys offers a good range of fresh and frozen shellfish and crustacea, including live mussels, fresh bowls of mussels in brine or mild vinegar, fresh cockles, whole cooked crabs and freshly dressed crabs, fresh scallops, popular brown shrimps, freshly cooked scampi, traditional winkles and a range of oysters.


Prawns have always been popular but the range now available is stunning. We offer cooked shell on prawns, peeled prawns, at least 3 different sizes of cooked king prawns, cooked peeled king prawns, raw prawns and raw peeled prawns. Brown and pink shrimp is still extremely popular as is our extensive range of breaded prawns.

Smoked Fish

We stock Goldstein's smoked salmon and many other kinds of smoked fish, including natural and dyed smoked haddock,  kippers, mackerel, hot smoked salmon and trout fillets

Fish Fillets & Steaks

Barneys offers a good range of fish fillets and steaks. Currently we stock cod, haddock, monk fish, plaice, red mullet, salmon and sea bass fillets, tilapia and sword fish and tuna steaks. All are sold frozen and pack sizes vary. You do not have to be Rick Stein to see the variety of dishes that could be created from this range of fish. 

Breaded Seafood

When we started Barneys 40 years ago we could never have dreamed of the range of products that is now available. Tempura battered prawns, battered calamari, breaded crab claws, prawns in filo pastry, breaded whole tail scampi and breaded butterfly king prawns are now top sellers.

Marinated Seafood

Barneys offers an impressive selection of non frozen preserved products Anchovies preserved in garlic or chilli infused oil are popular as are our crayfish tails, pickled herrings, fresh mussels in brine or mild vinegar, sweet cured octopus, rollmops and tubs of select seafood salad. 

Speciality Seafood

At Barneys we like to think the variety of seafood we stock means there is something for everyone and our customers seem to agree, whether your personal favourite is clams, coquille St Jacques, lumpfish or salmon roe,  Cornish sardines, fish or lobster soup,  snails in garlic butter, squid tubes or whitebait we have it.

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