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Today's Fresh Fish - Drop in or give us a call!


In addition to 100's of chilled, smoked and frozen seafood products we have at all times, we have fresh fish each day at Barneys - we change our selection daily, we buy what is in season, what is fresh and what is good value. We prepare fish for our customers, suggest recipes and give advice on storage.


If you don't see what you want - give us a ring 020 7481 2177 and let us know what you would like and we will get it in for you.



A typical selection of fresh fish available at Barneys with typical prices.

Fresh Cod

£12.00 per kilo

Live Mussels

£4.00 per kilo

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Fresh Monkfish

£18.00 per kilo

Fresh Salmon Fillet

£17.00 per kilo

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Fresh Prawns

£15.00 per kilo

Fresh Seabass

£9.00 per kilo

Fresh Tuna

£18.50 per kilo

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