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Great Seafood Delivered to your Door


Popular Fresh & Chilled Seafood Choices


Jellied Eels 

Barney’s eels are eaten by people throughout Britain. We have been making our own bowls of jellied eels for over 50 years. We use only the finest ingredients, once you have eaten Barney’s eels you will not

want to eat any others.

  • 90 Piece Bowl - 45.00

  • 18 Piece Carton - 12.00

Fresh Fish

Barney's can supply you with a wonderful range of fresh whole fish and fillets. Prices and sizes vary and are based on what is available and what is good each day. We pride ourselves on supplying

high qualityfish at fair prices. Examples of types fish we send out each week.

  • Cod Fillet

  • Salmon Fillet

  • Sea Bass

  • Sea Bream

  • Tuna

  • Swordfish

  • Turbot

  • Mackerel

  • Sardines

  • Langoustines

  • Fresh Wild Prawns

  • Trout

  • Skate

  • Monkfish

        and much more ...........

Cockles (in light salt brine) 

People just love eaten cockles, we source ours from various coastal fisheries in the south-east

including Leigh-on-Sea and Whitstable.

  • 2kg Bowl - £28.00

  • 450grm Carton - £9.50

Chilean Mussels (in light vinegar brine) 

These farmed Chilean mussels have been cooked, shelled and frozen at source. We supply these

excellent mussels defrosted and served in light vinegar brine.

  • 2kg Bowl - £13.00

Fresh Cooked English Mussels (in light vinegar brine) 

These mussels are the finest quality, freshly cleaned, cooked and shelled. We source our fresh

mussels from fisheries on the east coast. Once we have cooked and shelled these mussels we

pack them into bowls and cartons in light vinegar brine.

  • 2kg Bowl - £35.00

  • 450grm Carton - £10.00

Whelks (in light vinegar brine)

These whelks are available throughout the year. We use a small whelk and pack in bowls and cartons in

light vinegar brine.

  • 2kg Bowl - £32.00

  • 450grm Carton - £9.00


Freshly cooked winkles simply packed into bags and ready to enjoy.

  • 1kg Bag - £5.00


Rollmops are pickled, filleted herrings. Pickled with onions, these are sweet and slightly smaller than some other rollmops.

  • 450grm Scottish - £5.00

  • 3kg Scottish (1.5kg drained) (20 Pieces) - £16.50

Crayfish Tails

With such sweet meat, simplicity is the key, eat cooked fresh crayfish tails with mayonnaise and a dash

of lemon juice, or fry them in paprika, garlic and plenty of olive oil and stir into pasta.

  • 900grm Tub - £23.00

  • 450grm Tub - £12.00



King Prawns in Brine

Great in salads, sandwiches or eaten straight from the tub.

  • 900grm Tub - £20.00

  • 450grm Tub - £11.00



Peeled Prawns in Brine

Great as part of a seafood salad or an old fashioned prawn sandwich or prawn cocktail.

  • 900grm Tub - £17.00

  • 450grm Tub - £9.00



Peeled Brown Shrimps

The peeling has been done for you, so you can enjoy that distinctive sweet flavour or create your

ownpotted shrimps.

  • 1kg Pack - £50.00



Kiln Roast Salmon

Sweet kiln roasted salmon is great on its own or flaked onto pasta. Ideal in salads and looks and

tastes great as part of a seafood buffet.

  • Per piece - £30.00 per kg

  • 3kg Box - £90.00




We supply 4 varieties of anchovy fillets. They are ready to eat or add to salads and sauces.

  • Marinated with Garlic and Parsley - 1kg Tub - £12.50

  • Mexican Style - 1kg Tub - £12.50

  • Marinated in Vegetable Oil - 1kg Tub - £12.50

  • Marinated with Olives - 1kg Tub - £15.00




We supply 3 varieties of oysters; the type you choose is simply down to personal taste.

  • Mersea Rock Oysters – £1 Each

  • Irish Irish Oysters - £1.25 Each


Smoked Mackerel

Smoked mackerel is delicious torn into salads or whizzed in a blender with some crème fraîche

or ricotta cheese, lemon juice and pepper to make smoked mackerel pâté. As a vacuum packed

product smoked mackerel have an extended shelf life.

  • Pairs Individually Vacuum Packed - £5.00



We supply whole cooked kippers in pairs that are vacuum packed and ready to eat. We also supply marvellous Manx kippers

  • 1 Whole Pair Individually Vacuum Packed - £5.00

  • Manx Kippers – Per box - £32.00



A delicious dry scallop, with a delicate taste. Ready to cook – check out Barneys recipes.

  • Fresh Dry - 1kg Tub - £33.00

  • Fresh Dry - 500grm Tub - £16.50



Smoked Salmon - Goldstein’s

Barneys sells Goldstein’s salmon – a family of salmon curers for over a century. The traditionally mild

London smoked salmon is renowned for its consistent creamy, smoky texture.

  • 100grn Pack - £4.00

  • 400grm Pack - £14.00

  • 1kg Cut Sides - £30.00



Serve lumpfish roe and salmon roe like caviar on blinis or as toppings for high quality canapés.

  • Lumpfish Roe - 100grm Jar - £6.00

  • Salmon Roe - 100grm Jar - £15.00



Crab in all of its guises is simply wonderful, choose from fresh dressed crabs, fresh crab claws or

white crab meat.

  • Fresh Dressed Crabs - From £5.00 (depending on size)

  • 1kg Approx. Fresh Crab Claws - £14.00 - £17.00 (depending on size of claws)

  • 454grm Hand Picked White Crab Meat - £32.00

  • 454grm Brown Crab Meat - £6.00



Freshly cooked British lobsters - the best you can buy!

  • Lobster sizes vary - Market price per kilo (call for details)


Lobster Bisque and Fish Soup

  • Perard De Touquet Fish Soup - 850ml Jar - £5.00

  • Perard De Touquet Lobster Bisque - 850ml - £5.50



In addition to the fresh and chilled items listed we can also supply a wide
range of top quality frozen seafood.




  • Cooked crevettes - various sizes

  • Cooked peeled prawns - various sizes

  • Raw prawns - whole and peeled

  • A wide range of fish fillets and steaks - including cod, haddock, tuna, swordfish, tilapia and more ...

  • Breaded and battered seafood - including salt and peeper squid, tempura prawns, whole tail scampi, calamari and more ....

  • Surimi products - including crab stix, ocean pinx and flake


Check out the 'Our Seafood' section of this website or ask for details when you telephone or email

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