Shellfish, Crabs & Lobsters

Barneys offers a good range of fresh and frozen shellfish and crustacea, including live mussels, fresh bowls of mussels in brine or mild vinegar, fresh cockles, whole cooked crabs and freshly dressed crabs, fresh scallops, popular brown shrimps, freshly cooked scampi, traditional winkles and a range of oysters.


450grm Tub of Cockles


2kg Tub of Cockles


1 Gallon Tub Cockles


2 Gallon Tub Cocles


1kg Bag Frozen Cockles


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Crab & Lobster

Alaskan King Crab Claws

£50.00 Per Kilo

Dressed Crabs

From £4.00

454grm White Crab Meat


250grm Hand Picked White Crab Meat


454grm Brown Crab Meat


Crab Claws Per Kilo


Lobster Per Kilo

Market Price

Whole Crab Per Kilo


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450grm Tub Fresh Mussels


450grm Tub New Zealand Green Lip Mussels


2kg Bowl Fresh Mussels


2kg Bowl of Chilean Mussels


1kg Chilean Mussel Meat


1kg NZ 1/2 Shell Mussels


1kg Live Mussels


1kg Whole Frozen Mussels


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Rock Oysters


Native Oysters

Market Price

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500grm Fresh Scallops ~ Roe On


1kg Fresh Scallops ~ Roe On


1kg Frozen Scallops ~ Roe On


1kg Frozen Scallops ~ Roe Off


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450grm Tub Whelks


1kg Frozen Whelks


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1kg Winkles


1 Gallon Winkles


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