Serving members of the public

Situated in East London, just a few hundred yards from the Tower of London, but outside of the congestion zone, Barneys is ideally placed to serve the many 1000s of people who live and work in the area as well as those who travel from further afield to our factory shop to buy their seafood, attracted by our range, the quality and value for money. We are open 6 days a week, we are open later than Billingsgate market and you can park right outside.




Serving Traders

Barneys serves stall holders, pubs and restaurants across London and the south-east. During the summer stall holders from the south and east coast come to our factory shop at the crack of dawn to buy the stock that will keep them going over what they hope will be a busy weekend. 



Paul and Michelle own an excellent seafood stall at the Maypole Pub. They have been customers of Barneys for many years.


Find them at

The Maypole

171 Lambourne Road,


Essex, IG7 6DD

Barney's Customers


You might be someone who loves seafood and is looking for a good local supplier, or you might be planning a birthday party, a wedding or even a funeral, maybe you already run your own seafood business and are looking for a company that offers tip top quality, great value and excellent service or perhaps you are thinking about starting your own seafood business.  


If you are already one of Barney’s customers it's great that you've come to check out the website, but if you're new to it all then please do feel free to browse and then approach us direct.  We are a family business with over 40 years experience - I am sure we can meet your seafood needs.

In 2018 Barneys supplied
the seafood for....


35 Birthday Parties

11 Christenings

21 Wedding Anniversaries

15 Charity Night Events

12 Office Parties

29 Weddings

3 St. Patrick’s Celebrations

4 Bonfire Parties   

16 New Year’s Eve Parties

100s Christmas Events

               & Far Too Many Funerals

Barneys is a popular stopping off point for London’s army of cab drivers who certainly expect and receive excellent quality seafood at hard to beat prices.