Speciality Seafood

At Barneys we like to think the variety of seafood we stock means there is something for everyone and our customers seem to agree, whether your personal favourite is clams, coquille St Jacques, lumpfish or salmon roe,  Cornish sardines, fish or lobster soup,  snails in garlic butter, squid tubes or whitebait we have it. By the way we also sell Robin's excellent pie and mash.


100grm / 454grm - Smoked Salmon
£4.00 / £14.00
Kiln Honey Roasted Salmon
£30.00 per kg
3.18kg - Haddock Natural or Yellow - Frozen
Pair of Kippers - Vacuum Pack
Smoked Mackerel - Vacuum Pack
250grm Smoked Eel Fillet
Whole Smoked Eel
£33.00 per kg