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Barney's Customers - Traders

Barneys serves stall holders, pubs and restaurants across London and the south-east. During the summer stall holders from the south and east coast come to our factory shop at the crack of dawn to buy the stock that will keep them going over what they hope will be a busy weekend. We sell our acclaimed Jellied Eels to traditional Pie and Mash shops throughout London, Kent and Essex. As our name for quality products has spread we have been able to attract customers further afield. We now send our seafood to the midlands, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and North Wales.



Buying Seafood? Buy at Barneys! 

We specialise in providing top quality seafood to trade customers. Our factory/shop is in Billingsgate Fish market and is outside the congestion zone.


10 more reasons to buy from Barneys


  • We only sell top quality seafood

  • We are open 6 days a week 

  • We stay open until 11.30am, later than Billingsgate Fish Market

  • You can park right outside our factory shop

  • You will always receive quick, professional service

  • You can buy as much or as little as you choose, all at wholesale prices

  • You will be served by people who know their fish

  • You can phone in your order and it will be ready for you when you arrive

  • You will always receive a warm welcome, whatever the weather

  • We are happy to advise you about how to store, prepare and serve your seafood



Thinking about starting your own seafood business?


Have a quick look at this checklist


1. Have you decided what kind of seafood business you want to start?

E.g. Seafood stall, restaurant, café, catering company, seasonal or event trader.


Some questions:

Do you want a part-time or full-time business?

Do you want to buy an existing business or start a brand new one?

Do you want to go it alone or would it be better to have a partner?



Talk to Mark Button at Barneys


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