Fish Fillets & Steaks

Barneys offers a good range of fish fillets and steaks. Currently we stock cod, haddock, monk fish, plaice, red mullet, salmon and sea bass fillets, tilapia and sword fish and tuna steaks. All are sold frozen and pack sizes vary. You do not have to be Rick Stein to see the variety of dishes that could be created from this range of fish. 



10lb Box - Cod


10lb Box - Cod Loins


Dover Sole Per kg


10lb Box - Haddock


8/10oz Halibut Portions

£16.50 per kg

1kg Pack - Mahi Mahi


1kg Packs - Monk Fish Fillets


1kg Packs - Panga Fillets


Plaice - Each

£9 per kg

1kg Packs - Red Mullet Fillets


Salmon Supremes - Each


Box of 10 Salmon Supremes


1kg Packs - Sea Bass Fillets


1kg Packs - Swordfish Steaks


1kg Packs - Tilapia Fillets


1kg Packs - Tuna Steaks


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