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Barneys Seafood    

Barneys has been based at Billingsgate Fish Market since

October 2019.  As for many other businesses the last 2

years has been very challenging, we have been open

throughout the pandemic and have really appreciated

the support from our loyal customers. 

We have a shop in the main market, Shop 1, which is open

Tuesday to Saturday from 4am to

8.00am. We also have a factory unit, Q7, at the back of the market which is open until 10.30am. 

We still specialise in providing the finest Jellied Eels and Shellfish, as we have done for 50 years.

We have added some new lines, including snow crab claws and Alaskan crab claws.

Our telephone number is 020 7481 2177, our email                                                                    


 Mark Button - Barneys Seafood


Barney's Cool Bags - Found all over the world

Christmas Opening 2023
Sat. 23 December - 4am - 11am
Sun. 24 to Wed. 27 December - Closed
Thur. 28 to Sat. 30 December - 4am - 11am

Sun. 31 December to Tue. 2 January - Closed
. 3 January - 4am - 11am
Local? Pop in to see us...
Are you a trader...
Fishy tales ...

100s of peope who live and work in London come into our factory/shop in Billingsgate Market to buy their seafood.

We now offer a delivery service - you can order online, by email or by phone.

If you are an existing trader or thinking about becoming a trader, Barneys has a great deal to offer.

Catch up on the latest seafood related news, stories, reviews and events.

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